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Zoom Mag S-Fluke, the largest member of the fluke family, dominates with its 7-inch size and lifelike action. Salt-impregnated and versatile, it imitates big perch or magnum-sized gizzard shad, enticing trophy bass in any fishing scenario. Fish it weightless on the surface or add weights for deeper presentations.

Zoom Magnum Super Fluke: Dominating with Size and Versatility


Introducing the Zoom Magnum Super Fluke, the latest addition to the renowned Super Fluke family. Designed for those moments when bigger prey demands a larger profile. This baitfish imitator promises to tempt the biggest bass in your lake without compromising on the qualities that made the original Super Fluke a favorite among anglers.

Amplified Size and Effectiveness:

At an impressive 7 inches, the Zoom Mag S-Fluke is the largest member of the fluke family. Which makes it ideal for imitating big perch or magnum-sized gizzard shad. Its deep belly, equipped with a hook slot, combined with the forked tail, ensures lifelike movement that bass find irresistible. Whether fished weightless on the surface or rigged with added lead or tungsten for deeper presentations, this bait dominates with its size and versatility.

Unmatched Realism and Action:

Like its predecessors, the Zoom Mag S-Fluke is salt-impregnated for added attraction and durability. This salt-infusion enhances the bait’s taste and scent. Enticing bass to strike and encouraging them to hold on longer. With its realistic appearance and lifelike action. This baitfish imitator effectively mimics the movements of natural forage, making it a formidable choice for anglers targeting trophy-sized bass.

Versatile Presentation Options:

Whether bass are actively feeding near the surface or holding deep beneath the water. The Zoom Mag S-Fluke offers versatile presentation options to suit any fishing scenario. Anglers can fish it weightless to mimic wounded prey on the surface or add lead or tungsten weights to probe deeper waters with precision. Its ability to adapt to various conditions ensures that anglers can capitalize on every opportunity to entice strikes from trophy bass.


In conclusion, the Zoom Magnum Super Fluke sets a new standard for size and versatility in baitfish imitators. With its amplified size, unmatched realism, and versatile presentation options, this bait is a game-changer for anglers targeting big bass. Whether you’re fishing shallow flats or deep structure, the Zoom Mag S-Fluke is sure to deliver exceptional results and unforgettable fishing experiences.

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