About us

Our History

For over nine decades, the Dockrat family has been a cornerstone of the Pretoria North community’s trading scene. Their journey began with a modest grocery and general dealer store and evolved into Solomons Family Outfitters and Solomons Lifestyle & Furniture, a renowned department store. This store, now occupying three buildings, offers an array of products including sporting goods, apparel, shoes, various appliances, camping and fishing gear, electronics, lighting, jewelry, gifts, and cycling equipment.

The foundation of this business empire dates back to the early 1900s, when the Dockrat’s great-grandfather started out as a traveling merchant, or “smous,” serving farms and plots in the area. The shop, famously known for its blue roof and often referred to as “Die Blou Winkel,” primarily dealt in groceries back then, with deliveries made via horse or donkey cart. A significant change occurred in 1994 when the old store was replaced with the new Solomon’s Gifts building.

Transforming from a general dealer to a specialist department store, the focus shifted to a diverse range of products, including gas appliances, jewelry, lighting, fishing, camping, hunting, outdoor gear, and cycling. By 2001, a professional cycling division was introduced, leading to the establishment of cycle stores in Pretoria North, Lynwood, Woodmead, Durban and later Centurion.

Solomons has cultivated a profound passion for fishing, covering a wide spectrum from conventional carp fishing to professional tiger, bass, surf, specimen, deep-sea, and fly fishing. They also offer starter kits for beginners, catering to all ages from 4-year-olds to adults eager to learn the sport. Customers can expect friendly, professional service, sales, and advice at any Solomons store.

Adding to their impressive portfolio, the Dockrat family recently inaugurated Solomons Adventure Sports in Centurion, Pretoria. This new addition is a dedicated fishing tackle shop, expanding the family’s legacy of providing specialized sporting goods to the community.