Super Cast® Original Super Feed | Assorted Flavours and Sizes


Attract all the fish with Super Cast Original Super Feed! This dry ground bait comes in assorted flavors (egg yellow, peanut, banana, etc.) and sizes (1.2kg, 2kg, 4kg). Simply add water for easy bait prep. Trusted by national teams and anglers like Schalk van Breda. Catch your dream fish!

Super Cast Original Super Feed: Attract Fish, Catch Success

Super Cast Original Super Feed isn’t your average bait. This versatile dry feed ground bait, available in a variety of assorted flavors and sizes, actively attracts a wide range of fish in your favorite freshwater spot. Trusted by national freshwater teams and championed by seasoned anglers like Schalk van Breda, Original Super Feed helps you land your dream catch.

Irresistible Flavors for Every Fish

Super Cast Original Super Feed offers a selection of mouthwatering flavors to entice even the pickiest fish:

  • Mimic natural food with Egg Yellow, triggering a feeding frenzy.
  • Stand out in murky water with Fluorescein, drawing fish from afar.
  • Create a sweet aroma with Caramel, a fish-loving fragrance.
  • Offer a unique nutty flavor with Peanut, piquing curiosity and stimulating feeding.
  • Use Plain alone or combine it with other flavors for ultimate versatility.
  • Entice fish and keep them coming back with Banana’s fruity aroma.

Effortless Baiting – Just Add Water!

Original Super Feed eliminates the guesswork from bait preparation. This user-friendly formula requires no complicated mixing or additional ingredients. Simply add water to your desired consistency, and your bait is ready to use. This saves you valuable time at the water’s edge, allowing you to focus on casting your line and reeling in the big ones.

Choose Your Perfect Size

Original Super Feed comes in three convenient sizes for a perfect fishing experience:

  • 1.2kg: Ideal for shorter sessions or targeting smaller areas.
  • 2kg: Perfect for medium-sized trips or attracting a larger school of fish.
  • 4kg: The ultimate choice for extended sessions or attracting sizable populations.

The size you choose depends on your trip duration, target area size, and expected fish activity.

Original Super Feed isn’t just bait – it’s your key to a successful fishing adventure. With its enticing flavors, user-friendly formula, and convenient sizes, it’s no wonder this bait is trusted by professionals and anglers of all levels. Grab your Super Cast Feed, cast your line, and experience the thrill of catching fish like a pro!

Weight2.2 kg

Plain, Banana, Caramel, Egg Yellow, Fluorescent, Almond, Vaaldam, SVB, Peanut


1.2kg, 2kg, 4kg


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