Sensation Power plus Finesse


The Power Plus Finesse range of rods uses the ultra strong DURAFLEX material as used in the Power Plus rods. Duraflex is a proprietary material made up of approximately 70% carbon, but the net effect is a super strong rod. Now you can have all the benefits of the Duraflex technology in a finesse rod.

Exploring the Sensation Power Plus Finesse Rod

Dive deep into the world of precision angling with the Sensation Power Plus Finesse Rod, a true marvel of innovation and performance in fishing gear.

Superior Construction with Fuji Guides

At the heart of the Power Plus lies its exceptional Fuji Guides. Renowned for their quality craftsmanship, these guides ensure smooth line movement and minimal friction during casts and retrieves. Whether you’re casting light lures or battling hard-fighting fish, the Fuji Guides deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

Optimized for Spinning Techniques

Designed specifically for spinning techniques, the Power Plus offers unrivaled versatility and performance on the water. Its finely tuned action and responsive blank provide the sensitivity and control needed for finesse fishing, making it the perfect choice for targeting bass, panfish, and other species.

Medium Action for Precision Handling

With a medium action, the Power Plus Finesse Rod strikes the perfect balance between power and sensitivity. This versatile action allows for precise lure presentation and optimal hook sets. Ensuring that you can detect even the slightest of bites with ease.

Innovative Duraflex Technology

Furthermore the sensation power plus is crafted with cutting-edge Duraflex technology. the Sensation Power Plus Finesse Rod combines strength and durability with lightweight performance. This advanced construction technique ensures that the rod can withstand the rigors of angling, providing you with confidence and reliability every time you hit the water.

Convenient Two-Piece Design

The Power Plus features a convenient two-piece design, offering portability and ease of use without sacrificing performance. Whether you’re fishing from shore or exploring remote fishing spots, this rod can be quickly assembled and disassembled. Allowing you to fish anytime, anywhere.

In conclusion, the Power Plus is the ultimate tool for finesse anglers seeking precision, performance, and reliability. With its high-quality construction, optimized design, and innovative features, it’s sure to elevate your fishing experience to new heights.


Tech Specs
CodeLengthActionCasting WeightSections
2000075’0″Ultra Light3-12g2pc
2000085’6″Medium Light6-12g2pc
Weight7 kg

502ULS, 562MLS, 662MS, 702MS

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