Sensation Jerk Minnow SD3


Experience the lifelike action of the Sensation Jerk Minnow SD3. With its realistic movement and feathered hook, it’s a must-have for enticing predatory fish at mid-level depths.


Introducing the Sensation Jerk Minnow SD3, a dynamic lure renowned for its lifelike action and irresistible appeal to predatory fish. With its realistic movement mimicking injured baitfish, this lure is designed to trigger aggressive strikes from even the most cautious predators. Learn how to maximize its effectiveness and land your next trophy catch with ease.

Realistic Action

The Jerk Minnow SD3 boasts a lifelike, erratic action that perfectly imitates the movements of injured baitfish. This naturalistic presentation is key to enticing predatory fish and triggering their instinctual feeding response. By closely mimicking the behavior of vulnerable prey. The Jerk Minnow SD3 becomes an irresistible target for hungry predators lurking below.

Enhancing the Action

To further enhance the lure’s action, anglers can employ a jerking technique with regular pauses between movements. By jerking the rod tip and allowing the lure to pause intermittently. You create a tantalizing presentation that mimics the behavior of wounded prey. Most strikes occur as the lure is jerked between pauses. Making this technique highly effective in enticing fish to strike.

Feathered Hook for Added Attraction

The inclusion of feathers on the back hook of the Jerk Minnow SD3 serves to amplify its action and entice weary fish into striking. The subtle movement of the feathers adds an extra dimension to the lure’s presentation, making it even more irresistible to predatory fish. This additional feature increases the lure’s effectiveness, especially in challenging fishing conditions.

Swim Depth of 3ft

With a swim depth of 3 feet, the Jerk Minnow SD3 is ideal for targeting fish at mid-level depths. Whether fishing over submerged structures, along drop-offs, or in open water, this lure maintains its enticing action within the strike zone of a wide range of predatory species. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset in any angler’s tackle box.


In conclusion, the Sensation Jerk Minnow SD3 is a top choice for anglers seeking a versatile and effective lure for predatory fish. With its realistic action, jerking technique, feathered hook, and optimal swim depth of 3 feet, it’s a proven performer in various fishing scenarios. Elevate your fishing game and reel in trophy catches with the Jerk Minnow SD3.

Weight0.1125 kg
Dimensions15 × 6 × 5 cm

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