Pioneer® Blast Camo Free Spool Limited Edition Baitrunner Reel


The Pioneer Blast Camo Free Spool boasts a smooth operation (4+1 bearings), reliable drag system, and unique camo design. This feature-packed reel tackles tough fish with its machine-cut brass gears. Left/right interchangeable handle for comfort. Note: No extra spool included.

Cast Further, Fight Harder: The Pioneer Blast Camo Free Spool Limited Edition Baitrunner Reel

Calling all anglers seeking a feature-packed reel at an attractive price! The Pioneer Blast Camo Free Spool Limited Edition Baitrunner Reel emerges as a compelling choice for both freshwater and saltwater enthusiasts. This reel boasts a smooth operation, reliable drag system, and a unique camouflage aesthetic, making it a perfect companion for any fishing adventure.

Designed for Performance and Durability

The Blast Camo Free Spool features a robust construction with 4+1 precision ball bearings. These bearings ensure smooth operation when reeling in your catch, minimizing friction and wear. The dual-color anodized spool adds a touch of style while offering exceptional durability to withstand the rigors of everyday fishing.

A key feature of this reel is the machine-cut brass pinion gear. This component plays a crucial role in power transfer, ensuring the reel can handle even hard-fighting fish without compromising performance.

Smooth Drag System for Controlled Battles

The Blast Camo Free Spool prioritizes angler control with its micro-sensitive multi-disc drag system. This system provides a smooth and consistent drag throughout the fight, allowing you to strategically tire out your catch without the risk of line breaks. The drag can be easily adjusted to match the size and species of fish you’re targeting, ensuring optimal performance for every encounter.

Unique Camo Design and User-Friendly Features

The Limited Edition designation of the Blast Camo Free Spool comes from its eye-catching camouflage finish. This unique aesthetic adds a touch of personality to your fishing setup while blending seamlessly with natural environments.

For added convenience, the Blast Camo Free Spool features a left/right interchangeable handle with a soft knob. This allows you to configure the reel for left- or right-handed use, maximizing comfort and control during long fishing sessions.

Important Note: Please be aware that this reel does not come with an extra spool included.

Invest in the Pioneer Blast Camo Free Spool Limited Edition Baitrunner Reel and experience the thrill of the catch with confidence!

Weight3 kg
Dimensions12 × 10 × 8 cm

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