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The McArthy Jerk Minnow is a versatile lure ideal for both drop shot fishing and vertical jigging. With its erratic darting action and supple construction, it appeals to a wide range of saltwater species. Available in 5-inch and 7-inch sizes, it caters to various fishing conditions, making it a must-have in any angler’s tackle box.

McArthy Jerk Minnow: A Versatile Weapon for Anglers

In the dynamic world of fishing, adaptability is key, and the McArthy Jerk Minnow embodies this principle with finesse. Whether anglers are drop shot fishing in the shallows or vertical jigging in the depths. This lure offers a perfect balance of erratic darting action and supple construction, making it a go-to choice for pursuing a diverse range of species.

Dynamic Performance for Various Techniques

What sets the Jerk Minnow apart is its ability to excel across a spectrum of fishing techniques. For drop shot fishing enthusiasts, its erratic darting action adds an irresistible allure. Mimicking the movements of injured prey with precision. Meanwhile, when anglers deploy it for vertical jigging offshore. Tts supple plastisol formulation ensures lifelike movements that entice even the most discerning of predators.

Transitioning seamlessly between techniques, this versatile lure maintains its effectiveness, whether anglers work it slowly through structure or rip it through open water.

Size Options Catering to Every Need

Versatility is further enhanced by the Jerk Minnow’s availability in two size variations: 5 inches and 7 inches. This range of sizes allows anglers to tailor their presentation to suit the preferences of their target species and the specific conditions of their fishing environment. Whether anglers are chasing inshore favorites like speckled trout or venturing into deeper waters for grouper. There’s a McArthy Jerk Minnow to meet every need.

A Bounty of Species Attracted

Anglers who choose the McArthy Jerk Minnow find themselves reaping the rewards of its universal appeal. From popular inshore species like snook and redfish to formidable offshore predators such as grouper and snapper, this lure has a knack for attracting a wide variety of fish. With the McArthy Jerk Minnow in their tackle box, anglers can expect to rack up the species count with ease, enjoying a fruitful day on the water no matter the target.


3", 4", 5", 7"


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