Ghost® Casting Net Lead 5’6″ monofilament

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Land impressive hauls from shore with the Ghost Casting Net. Diamond mesh (3/8″) for easy casting and catch retention. Fast-sinking weights (3/4lb/ft) ensure quick net deployment. Durable, triple-tied connection (80lb test) handles forceful throws. High-floating hand line (20ft) simplifies retrieval. Includes a storage bucket for easy transport and organization. Master the catch from the shore with the Ghost Casting Net.

Master the Catch with the Ghost Casting Net: Effortless Fishing from Shore

The Ghost Casting Net empowers shore anglers of all experience levels to experience the thrill of a successful catch. This meticulously designed net boasts a range of features that enhance casting accuracy, retrieval efficiency, and overall user experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Ghost Casting Net equips you with the tools to maximize your success on the water.

Precision Casting and Fast Sinking

The foundation of a successful cast lies in accuracy and speed. The Ghost Casting Net utilizes a 3/8-inch (9.5mm) diamond mesh. This optimal mesh size offers a perfect balance between casting ease and catch retention. Additionally, the net features fast-sinking lead weights distributed at a rate of 3/4 pounds per radius foot. This strategic weight distribution ensures the net sinks quickly and spreads efficiently underwater, maximizing its coverage area and trapping potential catches.

Unwavering Strength and Durability

The Ghost Casting Net prioritizes both strength and longevity. The lead line connecting the net to the weights is secured with a triple-tied, heavy-duty system. This robust construction can withstand the stress of forceful throws and the weight of struggling fish, preventing tears or breakages during retrieval. Furthermore, the system boasts an 80lb test, ensuring superior quality and the ability to handle even the most aggressive catches.

Effortless Retrieval and Handling

The Casting Net eliminates the frustration of laborious retrievals. A high-floating 20-foot (6-meter) braided polyethylene hand line allows for effortless maneuvering and control over the net during retrieval. This durable hand line floats effortlessly on the water’s surface, making it easy to spot and retrieve, even in challenging currents or windy conditions.

Convenient Storage and Portability

The Casting Net comes with a convenient bucket for storage. This practical addition allows for easy transportation and keeps your net neatly organized after use. No more wrestling with tangled lines or messy storage solutions – the bucket keeps your net protected and readily accessible for your next fishing adventure.

The Total Package for Success

The Casting Net isn’t just a net; it’s a complete fishing solution. From its precision casting capabilities to its user-friendly retrieval system and convenient storage, every aspect of this net is designed to enhance your fishing experience. With the Ghost Casting Net in hand, you’ll be casting with confidence and retrieving your catch with ease, maximizing your chances of success on the water.


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