Awa-Shima® ION Power Ekon Carp Fishing Line


Awa-Shima ION Power Ekon Carp Line (1200m) tackles extreme waters! Superior strength & durability for big carp. High knot strength & manageability. Optimal stretch & UV protection. Green color disappears underwater. Available in .26mm, .28mm, .30mm, .33mm, .35mm.

Conquer Any Waters with Confidence: Awa-Shima ION Power Ekon Carp Fishing Line

For dedicated carp anglers who demand unwavering performance in challenging environments, the Awa-Shima ION Power Ekon Carp fishing line is the ultimate weapon. This innovative 1200-meter monofilament line is specifically designed to excel in extreme fishing conditions, where large carp lurk amidst obstacles and clear visibility is crucial.

Engineered for Strength and Durability: Tames Toughest Waters

The Awa-Shima ION Power Ekon Carp prioritizes exceptional strength and durability. Crafted using the latest Japanese monofilament processing technology, this line leverages Mitsubishi polymer to ensure exceptional strength and minimal memory. This translates to confident handling of powerful carp, even in waters filled with snags and underwater hazards. Furthermore, the Ekon Carp boasts a surface silicone layer. This innovative layer acts as a protective shield, increasing fiber strength and guarding the line against wear and tear. The result? A reliable line that withstands the rigors of extreme carp fishing.

Superior Knot Strength and Manageability: Confidence with Every Cast

The Awa-Shima ION Power Ekon Carp doesn’t compromise on manageability. This line features exceptional knot strength, ensuring your knots hold firm under pressure, even when battling the biggest carp. This allows you to cast with confidence, knowing your line won’t fail you during a crucial moment. Additionally, the Ekon Carp boasts minimal memory. This characteristic prevents the line from coiling or curling, which can hinder casting accuracy and overall performance.

Enhanced Performance: Optimal Stretch and UV Protection

The Awa-Shima ION Power Ekon Carp is meticulously designed to optimize fishing performance. This line features optimal stretchability. This allows for a natural presentation of your bait, increasing the likelihood of attracting wary carp. Furthermore, the Ekon Carp boasts exceptional UV protection. This vital feature safeguards the line from the sun’s harmful rays, preventing it from becoming brittle and compromising its strength over time.

A Line That Disappears: Green Color for Unmatched Invisibility

In the world of carp fishing, stealth is paramount. The ION Power Ekon Carp understands this. This line features a strategic green color. This green hue seamlessly blends into the underwater environment, effectively rendering the line invisible to cautious carp. This allows your bait to take center stage, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Available in a Range of Sizes to Suit Your Needs

The Awa-Shima ION Power Ekon Carp is available in a variety of sizes, including .26mm, .28mm, .30mm, .33mm, and .35mm. This range of options allows you to choose the line diameter that perfectly matches your specific fishing conditions and target carp size.

Invest in confidence and performance with the ION Power Ekon Carp fishing line. This innovative line empowers you to conquer any water and emerge victorious, even in the most demanding carp fishing environments.


.26, .28, .30, .33, .35


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