Adrenalin® Digital Grip Scale 25kg

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Effortlessly weigh & measure your catch with the Adrenalin Grip Scale (25kg)! Digital scale & built-in 1m tape in one. Accurate weight, easy length measurement. Built to last with stainless steel body & soft grip. Perfect catch, every time.

Effortlessly Weigh and Measure Your Catch: Conquer Every Fishing Trip with the Adrenalin Digital Grip Scale (25kg)

Upgrade Your Fishing Arsenal: A Multifunctional Tool in One Grip

Anglers seeking precision and efficiency will find the Adrenalin Digital Grip Scale (25kg) an invaluable addition to their tackle box. This innovative tool combines a digital weight scale with a built-in measuring tape, allowing you to weigh and measure your catch in a single, streamlined motion. Eliminate the need to juggle separate tools and focus on the thrill of the catch with the Adrenalin Grip Scale by your side.

Unwavering Confidence in Every Catch: Accurate Weight Every Time

Boasting a robust 25kg capacity, the Adrenalin scale tackles various fish species with ease. The high-precision digital display ensures reliable weight readings, eliminating guesswork. Determine your catch’s weight with confidence. Accurate measurements let you comply with regulations, track personal bests, and share impressive results with fellow anglers.

Effortless Measurement: Built-In Convenience at Your Fingertips

The Adrenalin scale goes beyond just weight. A convenient 1-meter measuring tape integrates directly into the handle. This thoughtful design eliminates the need for a separate tool, streamlining your fishing experience and saving valuable space in your tackle box. Quickly and precisely measure your catch’s length without interrupting the flow of your fishing adventure.

Built to Endure: A Reliable Companion for Countless Fishing Seasons

The Adrenalin Digital Grip Scale is constructed to withstand demanding fishing trips. The body is meticulously crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection against harsh saltwater or freshwater environments. This trusty companion remains reliable for countless fishing seasons to come, without succumbing to rust or damage.

Enhanced User Experience: Features Designed for Optimal Performance

The Adrenalin Grip Scale prioritizes both comfort and functionality. The soft-touch handle provides a secure, non-slip grip, even when your hands are wet. Comfortably hold the scale and weigh your catch with ease, even in challenging conditions.

A thoughtful hold function allows you to freeze the weight reading for easy recording. Eliminate the need to remember the weight or take your eyes off your catch. Capture the moment and record your success accurately. Additionally, the blue backlight illuminates the display in low-light conditions for clear visibility during early mornings or evenings. Confidently weigh and measure your catch with the Adrenalin Grip Scale, no matter the time of day.

The Adrenalin Digital Grip Scale is more than just a tool; it’s your partner in responsible fishing and achieving success on the water. Its accuracy, convenience, and durability empower you to land your catch with confidence, manage your fishing experience with ease, and create lasting memories on every fishing trip.


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